The vision of LED
Even the darkest night has its bright spots.

Only one square millimeter in size and offered on almost every vehicle, Audi LEDs have opened up an array of styling opportunities for our designers.* These little marvels can be combined to create infinite shapes and arrangements, giving each vehicle a look that's distinct, yet unmistakably Audi.

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This is the future-brighter
LED lights up the night.

Full LED headlights produce light at 5,500 Kelvin, that's roughly the same as daylight. This could help your eyes perceive more contrast. They experience less strain. And those dark stretches of road become a little less daunting.

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The speed of LED taillights
Technology has your back.

Audi LED taillights go on fast and bright, activating up to ten times quicker than conventional bulbs. A trailing driver can notice the brake lights sooner and have more time to react.

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